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Internet Services Offered

Internet Access & Infrastructure:
Our access to the Internet is provided by TW Telcom via a full 2 GB connection.

We are using Cisco IronPorts which are doing load balancing at the entrance to our network. The Iron Ports do web caching that saves on network bandwidth and improves response time for frequently visited web sites.

Security & Content Filtering:
We have several firewall servers protecting our network from outside attacks and protection for critical services within our network.

Content filtering services are provided by the Cisco IronPorts Web Security Appliances. All outgoing web traffic is checked to determine that the web site accessed is NOT inappropriate (i.e. pornographic site, gambling, violence, etc.). Traffic to legitimate web sites is allowed to pass.

Security scanning of school servers for any security vulnerabilities is provided. School servers that need to be opened to the outside public needs to be scanned for security problems, before we open our firewalls for public access to them.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) services provided to charter schools outside our network for access to services/servers within our network.

Domain Name Services:
We provide multiple Domain Name Servers (DNS) for our network. We have two domain names registered for our network: and

We provide DNS registration for school servers (i.e. web server, mail server, bulletin board server, etc.) under our registered domain names.

- For example, your school web server with IP address of 165.248.x.y can be registered and assigned a host/domain name of or

We provide URL forwarding and cloaking. A Universal Resource Locator (URL) which is basically a web address can be shortened.

Email/Messaging/Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam Services:
We provide enterprise level antivirus and anti-spamming protection for all email messages coming into our network. All incoming email messages are scanned for viruses and cleaned or quarantined as necessary. Spam mail is blocked and filtered out though there will be a small percentage that gets through.

The antivirus and anti-spamming protection is afforded to all school's email servers. Also outgoing email must go through our servers for delivery of email outside our network. This is to protect school servers against spammers using any open relay servers to distribute spam and junk mail.

We provide mailing list or listserv for school complexes, DOE projects and organizations. Example of listservs provided, the DOE librarians (sls_net listserv), Electronic School (eschool), Vocational technology group (voltech), etc.

If your school requires email accounts for your students, send an email request to We can set up a virtual mail domain for your school; provide you with an admin account so you can create and manage the email accounts for your school.

Web Hosting Services:
We provide web hosting services for individual teachers/staff on our Makani web server. Accounts are allowed up to 100 MB of disk space with no restrictions on uploading/downloading or web page traffic limitations. However, we recommend teachers/staff/students use the Google Apps Education Edition for webhosting & email. We can assist with creating the Google Apps Education Edition accounts.

Webhosting accounts can be created for teacher/staff. Send request to

Virtual web hosting offered for DOE organizations and school websites on our Olelo web servers. Unlimited disk space (of course physical limitations apply), limited CGI scripts available, PHP scripting allowed, MySQL database access available, with no upload/download or web traffic restrictions.


Last updated 06/15/2012

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